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Where's Los Padres County?

Well, it's nowhere, actually, and a couple places, virtually. The pages live on a server in Michigan, but they originate in my mind, in Santa Maria, California.

That really doesn't tell you anything, so maybe a little background is in order. Los Padres County was the name chosen in 1978 when the idea of splitting Santa Barbara County in two was first put to the voters. I chose the name Los Padres County as my virtual home, since I like the sound of it. Several years ago, petitions were circulated to put the issue on the ballot again, but the name chosen this time was Mission County. No comment.

[I've noticed that a lot of these links are outdated. I hope to update soon.]
The Mission County Formation Review Commission has released their final report.

In the June 6, 2006 election, County voters overwelmingly (82.85%) voted No on the formation of Mission County, including 81.35% within the boundaries of the proposed new county.

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